But you HAVE to get up!

Written on July 29, 2009 – 1:00 am | by Buzz |

One of the principle functions in my day is to get my person, Andrea, up and rolling.  And my goodness, that can be a major job some days, especially since she is a night-hawk and doesn’t let me know ahead which days she wants to delay her time for arising.  This is a very serious […]


Acetaminophen + Cats and Dogs

Written on July 22, 2009 – 8:00 am | by maxine |

A while back I had that little accident where I pulled all the muscles down my left side.  It was, without a doubt, a painful situation.  Someone told my people that you can give dogs a little dose of children’s liquid acetaminophen when they are in pain.  I am here to tell you “DON’T DO […]

We’re Home from Vacation!!

Written on July 15, 2009 – 3:09 pm | by maxine |

You didn’t know we were gone but, we were, and now we are back.  Our people family dropped Coby and me (Sandi) off at Gramma and Grampa’s in Hamilton on June 21st and headed down to the sunny south city of Orlando, Florida for a church convention.  While they were gone, Coby and me had […]

The Laundry Tub – Toileting Station!

Written on July 8, 2009 – 12:50 pm | by maxine |

Our first foray into a homemade water based and litter free toileting system was with a vinyl laundry tub.  It turned out to be a very easy and economical project which is very popular with many of us felines. A littler box should be at least as long as one and a half times the […]

Congratulations! Happy Independence Day

Written on July 4, 2009 – 6:00 am | by maxine |

While we were discussing whether or not we should purchase a bunch of Canadian flags to celebrate Canada Day on July 1, being somewhat educated cats, it occurred to us that our American friends might not be so excited about Canada Day since they are focussed on Independence Day! So, Americans, on July 4th wave […]

Happy Canada Day

Written on July 1, 2009 – 12:27 pm | by maxine |

Happy Canada Day!  Be sure to wave your Canadian flag today if you are Canadian and be proud of who you are and thankful for the freedoms we enjoy here in this great country. Thankful to be Canadian, Sandi, Coby, Gracie, Princess, Chester, Smokey, Pebbles and Buzz Oh yes, and our people – Bob, Maxine […]