Toileting Station Situation – Part II

Written on February 17, 2010 – 1:00 am | by maxine |

I hope you did your homework and have a reasonable idea of what a water based toileting station is!  If not, you can always get up to speed by reading:  — Water Based Toileting Stations . I can’t honestly say which one is the very best water based toileting station.  They are all used, just […]

Toileting Station Situation – Part I

Written on February 10, 2010 – 1:00 am | by maxine |

  Smokey here – the official Ark Feline Toileting Station Inspector!  At the end of 2009 Mrs. Noah made some toileting station decisions, which ultimately ended up with additions and subtractions.  Since we have been using these various inventions for a long time now, it is time for my review of the good, the bad, […]

Happy Groundhog Day!

Written on February 3, 2010 – 6:00 am | by maxine |

Mrs. Noah is NOT a winter person.  She believes in staying snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug whenever possible.  She figured this out years ago and it was confirmed when in January, 19 years ago some children at a church tobogganing party convinced her to go down the hill just one more time!  Well, it was one time too many.  […]