Water Based Toileting Systems

Written on June 17, 2009 – 4:01 am | by maxine |

Our cat and people family members are experimenters.  We are always looking for cost effective and new and better ways to do things.  Probably our most adventurous experiments have involved changing from the traditional gross kitty litter boxes to several innovative water based toileting stations.  We do not use kitty litter!  That’s right, none of the six of us felines in the household.  In fact, it has been a long time since we used litter.   If you can’t get your head around what we are saying, think of an odour free litter box with water in it instead of litter. (Oh, for you Americans reading this, we are Canadian cats so, our “odour” is the same as your “odor” and with any spelling, you don’t want it!)

1.  No litter to flush or drag to the curb to fill up landfill sites (at least once you are to the completely water based stage after an initial training period)
2.  No litter for your kitty to ingest when they lick their paws.  Those clay based litters turn to a cement like substance when mixed with urine AND with saliva.  Think about having a lump of cement in YOUR stomach.  Crystal litters and newsprint based litters are usually full of chemicals – another no-no for kitty’s digestive system and overall health.  Those cedar and the pine smelling litters make your house smell like you are home to a bunch of hamsters – YUCK! 
3.  No cost – no more litter to purchase!  Just fresh water and a little soap from time to time.  Oh ya, don’t use bleach or ammonia – we HATE bleach and ammonia!
4.  No litter scattered from our paws throughout your house.  Your bare feet will appreciate this I am sure.
5.  No odour.  Well, at least if you do your part in keeping the catch basin water fresh and the solids scooped or poured out.  We have a busy household and one of the first things visitors say is, “You would never know you have six cats living here! There is NO SMELL!”   We are SO proud!!

EXTRA TIP:  With there being six of us using the system, we have to be honest, while there is no urine odor, sometimes there is a stale odour to the water — especially in warm weather.  So, since June 5, 2009 we have been adding a little Odor Xit to each water basin.  Odor Xit is terrific!  With Odor Xit even that stale odour is completely gone.  And, for those occasional little “accidents” Odor Xit comes to the rescue.  It does not just cover up the odour, Odor Xit completely eliminates it — no matter where it is!

THE IMPORTANCE OF QUANTITY.  As a general rule, you need one litter box per kitty plus one more extra.  We cats value our privacy.  Actually, some of us prefer separate  locations -  one for our liquid deposits and one for our solid deposits!  Just like people, we are all different and have different likes and dislikes.

FIVE DESIGNS AND STILL COUNTING:  With our forays into the world of experimentation, we have five distinctively different litter free toileting systems.   Two were purchased and three we designed ourselves.   We have mentioned the Litter Quitter and the Cat Potty in other posts.  Just wait until you hear about our very economical home-made litter-free water based toileting stations.   Why are we still counting? Well, we know not everybody has the time or the desire to experiment.  So, we have taken it upon ourselves to do it for you to save you money and time.  Our wee gift to you!

Try litter-free toileting stations.  You have nothing to lose but odour and trips to the pet store to pick up litter, and trips to the garbage can to dispose of smelly litter, and much to gain — like substantial money savings, happy cats, and VERY impressed friends.

From the Odour/Odor Free Cat Clan!

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