A Guest Room?

Written on January 20, 2010 – 6:00 am | by maxine |

Remember that New Year’s guest room project we told you about?  Well, it turns out it is more than a guest room.  In fact, our people are trying to put one over on poor Sandi!

Mrs. Noah is given to staying up late into the night working in the office.  Sandi can’t stand it when someone is up – particularly Mrs. Noah.  So, Sandi . being a descendent of a long line of herders, stays in the office whining and carrying on in an attempt to get Mrs. Noah to go to bed.  Sandi gets exhausted and really does not appreciate the long hours Mrs. Noah puts in.  So, it turns out that is one of the reasons why Mrs. Noah and Andrea came up with the guest room plan.  Yes, it will be a guest room but it is certainly not going to be sitting idle waiting for a guest to come along!

Three sets of bookshelves were set up in the room and have been stocked with books that Mr. and Mrs. Noah use regularly.  This way they don’t have to keep going into the basement.  There is also a desk in there that Mrs. Noah can use in the night.  The idea is that since Sandi knows there is a bed in there, she will assume Mrs. Noah has gone into the room to sleep. Really though, she is going in there to work and will use the lap top computer instead of her desk computer in the office.  She is going to use one of those lamps for Seasonal Affective Disorder  (SAD) that we dogs and cat really really enjoy.  It will just light up the desk area and not the whole room so it won’t shine under the door into the hall as much. Sandi will go to bed in Andrea’s room and sleep and not wake Andrea up frequently in attempts to get her to  chase Mrs. Noah to bed.  It is a win/win situation don’t you think?  Sandi is a wonderful dog but really, she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer so the plan should work.

Mrs. Noah has gone back to school.  Well, sort of.  She is doing all of her studies online, sort of like homeschooling herself, which makes sense considering she homeschooled her children and two others over twenty years and maintains a home school blog. It will take her about four or five years to complete the work because of all of the other things she is already doing, including being the typist for these blog entries.  Much of her work will be completed after hours in the guest room!  Mrs. Noah has literally preached it that everyone should be a life-long-learner.  Considering she will be near normal retirement age when she completes her studies it appears she practices what she preaches.  Oh yes, just so you know, she is studying to become a preacher after having been a preacher’s wife since 1971.  She does not plan to retire so is just getting re-treaded to continue to let her little light shine, just like a S.A.D. lamp, but only better!

I personally hope that the pet-free-zone status of the guest room doesn’t apply to me because I like to lay on the desk beside Mrs. Noah when she is working.  I will let you know how it all works out.  Considering I am considered to be a senior citizen in the cat kingdom, it is only fitting that I should get to continue my education alongside of Mrs. Noah, don’t you think?  Pebbles also wants me to mention that Mrs. Noah really enjoys having her lay on her lap, which she is doing right now, to keep her warm when she is typing.  Since they don’t keep the warm air vent open in the spare bedroom, Pebbles has an important lap warming function in the winter!


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