Shut That Barking Dog UP!!!

Written on March 24, 2010 – 5:00 am | by maxine |

We cats are so much quieter than dogs.  I know that for a fact because I AM A CAT!!  Actually, I have to admit that my voice is probably considered to be louder than my peers.  I do like to express my opinion sometimes and I do tend to set up a yowl if I can’t find anybody or it is dark.  I really don’t like the dark! However, all that said, I don’t disturb the neighbourhood.

On the other hand, the dogs who live behind us are left outside most of the day, most days and often late into the night.  They bark, and bark, and bark, and bark, and . . . .  Spring is coming, followed by summer and we should all be able to enjoy the outdoors.  The Ark owners here put in a deck with a patio door a couple of summers back with the idea that they could have the screened patio door open to allow air flow.  Sometimes they take us felines out onto the deck to enjoy the fresh air with them.  We love the opportunity to sun bathe.  The problem is, those dogs get out there and they bark, and bark, and bark, and . . . .  More often than not, we are all stuck inside, four leggers and two leggers alike with the doors and windows closed up tight to block out some of the incessant barking.  Do the owners of those dogs care?  Apparently not because they still let their dogs bark, and bark, and bark, and . . . . 

Sandi and Coby, the resident canines in our Ark like to go outside.  In fact, the Ark owners fenced the last open side of the yard a couple of years back just so Sandi and Coby could play outside.   I am the door supervisor around here.  Someone goes in or out and I am aware of it.  When my dogs go out, I lay at the door until they come back in.  When Sandi and Coby get out into the fenced in yard it is nice for them to have the exercise and for the most part they don’t bark  unless someone walks by, and then it is only a few quick barks, nothing to get upset about.  However,  when the neighbour dogs are out, which is most of  the time,  poor Sandi and Coby get to spend hardly any time in the yard.  They go out, do their business and are hauled back in as soon as they start barking back at the other dogs and before you know it, they are back in and I had barely had time to settle into a comfortable position to wait!  Our people don’t even get to enjoy sitting or laying on the lovely deck swing they got.  How can they, the noise is terrible with those dogs that bark, and bark, and bark and . . .

Around here we don’t believe in those bark collars because they are painful to the dogs.  Basically you just have to train them with treats to not bark unless it is appropriate like when someone comes to the door or a fire has broken out!!

If you have a dog, be responsible and keep it from barking and barking and barking and . . .    Other people and even us cats have the right to peace and quiet.  Train your dogs to keep their opinions short and to the point and that way everyone can enjoy the beautiful weather.


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