Protect Those Eyeballs!

Written on March 31, 2010 – 7:38 am | by maxine |

You would think that two leggers would know better.  Of course, some do but some obviously don’t.  It’s that time of year when the snow is gone and the promise of spring is in the air.  People are cruising down the roads with their windows down and the wind blowing through their hair.   The bugs are beginning to come out of hibernation, the crocuses and spring bulbs are peeking through the ground.  The geese are returning and there is a pair of ducks looking to set up housekeeping in the pond just across the road from our Ark.  Yup, things are looking good for a nice spring.  We are all so glad to have good eyesight with which to enjoy seeing everything.

We feel really badly for a couple of dogs in our town who are not going to have good eyesight for much longer.   Mrs. Noah has seen them frequently in the past few weeks and every time she does, she reminds us that some two leggers are just plain not smart.  (We are not allowed to use the “S” word that ends in d around here!) 

Anyways, these two really big dogs love to travel in the car with their people.  The problem is, they literally hang out the window with their long hair and their ears pinned back in the wind.  Remember those bugs that are coming out of hibernation?  Think about it.  What are windshields on vehicles for?  Yup, you got it.  They shield people from the wind.   You know all that greasy, gunky stuff that gets plastered on the windshield that you have to have windshield washer to clean it off? Well, most of that is smucked bodies of BUGS that happened to cross the pass of the vehicle cruising down the road.  The windshield keeps those bugs from committing suicide on your eyeballs!

Now, we are not mathematicians but think about it.  You’re driving down the road at 100 kilometres an hour and a bug goes splat on your windshield.  No problem for you but the poor bug doesn’t fair well. If that bug happened to hit your eyeball while you were going 100 miles and hour, well, now that’s gotta hurt!  It would be sort of like being hit with a bullet!  That’s why smart motorcycle drivers wear goggles or a helmet with a visor!

So people, don’t be un-smart.  Just because your dog likes the feel of the wind whipping through their hair and pinning their ears back – don’t let them do it!  The bugs, dirt, sand, and gravel blowing into their eyes at even forty or fifty km/mph will eventually, or even quickly, destroy the eyeballs and even the nostrils of your best friend.  At the very least, provide your canine friend with a pair of goggles. Protect those eyeballs.  Better yet, don’t let them hang out the window so that they don’t get their head’s lopped off by the side mirror of a passing truck!  Hey, you don’t let your children hang their arms and heads out the window for the same reason – right?!! 

This has been a “smart” message brought to you by the four legged residents of The Ark!!

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