Cats, Hairballs and Embarrassing Moments

Written on May 26, 2010 – 5:42 am | by maxine |

It has been a little while since anyone from The Ark has had time to post a few comments and so we decided that before you all think we have all died and gone to doggy or kitty heaven, we had better elect someone to take the time to write.  So, in the end, it’s me – the phantom writer!  Phantom because with the topic of this post being as it is, I really don’t want my name put to it.

Remember, there are six felines and two canines living here in The Ark.  Six felines can add up to a LOT of hairballs.  Even Coby, definitely a non-shedding dog, gets a hairball once in a while since he cleans four of the cats regularly.  He really thinks he is a mommy cat.  Anyways, earlier today Princess threw up a BIG hairball on the windowsill of the front living room window.  You may recall that she pretty much lives on the sill.  Mrs. Noah created two spots out of boxes and cardboard that give Princess much wider spots on which to lay – one on the east end of the sill and one on the west end of the sill.  She had said just the other day that the top piece of cardboard needed to be changed on each station because Princess sweats and drools and the cardboard was getting soiled.  The gobs of hair were growing as well.  Princess chose today as “throw up a medium sized hairball” day.  What a mess. She eats lots of coconut oil and that cuts down on the number of hairballs, for which we can be thankful.

Throwing up the hairball was not the embarrassing moment.  The fact is, Mrs. Noah keeps teasing Princess because Princess thinks she is hiding behind the curtain and no one can see her.  Now, of course, you and I both know that anyone out on the street can see Princess just fine.  Hey, we do live on a busy street and the window faces the street.

Now Mrs. Noah is, by nature, a very modest person who generally has her blouse buttoned to the very top and her skirts often reach nearly to the floor.  She is going through a round of hot flashes these days and she had just had an episode on this particularly hot day.  Since no one was home she had fully unbuttoned her blouse in an attempt to cool off.  Mr. Noah and Andrea had returned home and Andrea spotted the hair ball.  Mrs. Noah immediately cleaned up the mess and had taken the wet paper towels to throw them into the garbage.  All of a sudden she got to laughing almost hysterically.  She could hardly stand up she was laughing so hard.  It turns out that she discovered she had stood between the curtain and the window, cleaning up the mess.  Yup – Mrs. Modesty herself was “hiding” behind the curtain just like Princess does.  Only problem is, the rest of the world was on the same side of the curtain as she was!  She is pretty sure no cars drove by during those several minutes nor was anyone outside at that time but hey, who can say!  Please be assured that a few minutes later when Mrs. Noah replaced the cardboard tops on the windowsill, she was FULLY covered!  Mrs. Noah figures ya gotta laugh at these funny things that happen.  Just the other day she went shoe shopping, wearing a shorter skirt that fell just below her knees, not realizing until she got home that a long green leaf had attached itself securely to her sock when she was out gardening just before she went shopping.  Quite the fashion statement wouldn’t you say? Mrs. Noah provides us with LOTS of laughs! Oh, then there was the time she . . .  I’ll tell you all about it another time. 

Meanwhile, I sure hope Mrs. Noah doesn’t follow the suggestion in the following poem she received via email today.  Or, worse yet, consider giving us ALL – canine and feline alike – full body shaves!   Enjoy.


From me, here at The Ark – have a great day.


Ode to a Shedding Cat

I think that I shall never see

A cat that sheds as much as thee

Thy fur that sticks is all around

On chairs, on mats in little mounds

I sweep the floor, you shed some more

I wash the rug and you just shrug

You should give thanks I tolerate that

Or you would be a crew-cut cat.

— Author Unknown

Received from Ed.

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