Written on February 13, 2009 – 3:21 pm | by Buzz |

Hi! My Name is Coby. I am a mostly white coloured Lhasa-poo, but when my hair is in need of a trim, Maxine (my human grandmother) says I look like a little baby white seal pup. Sometimes she calls me her little “Ookpik” which is the name of a little white snowy owl with round, coal black eyes set in a backdrop of fluffy white feathers. The Inuit Eskimos used to make little stuffed toy Ookpiks that were adorable. That’s me – simply adorable!!

I had a rough start in life because nobody really wanted me. I was born in the winter of 2005 and for my first six months I was shuffled back and forth between several potential adoptive families and fed lots of junk food. In fact, I thought a nutritious meal was potato chips and other stuff that comes out of crinkly bags! A neighbour heard about me and suggested that the perfect home for me would be with Sandi. I really do look like a little lamb and Sandi needed a herd so we were an instant and perfect match. Sandi thinks she is the boss. Don’t tell her, but really, I am the boss. I just have to whimper and she comes a running. Or, if I want the spot where she is laying, all I have to do is look out the window, give a little yip and she is up like a shot barking at whatever she thinks I saw! Bingo – I get her warm spot! Works every time!!

I am not really a spoiled brat – just one tired pooch at times. Although I am a male, I think my calling in life was to be a mommy! When the first three kittens (Pebbles, Chester and Smokey) came to live with us, they were not old enough to be away from their moms and they were sickly and very weak. Actually, we started withÂfive kittens, but eventually Elmo and Mittens went to live with other families. Anyways, the little tykes needed a mommy. Chester’s mommy had died and the other mommy was very sick and couldn’t care for her kittens. So, though I was barely a year old myself, I took over the job. I bathed them, carried them in my mouth, played hide and seek with them, corralled them in a box when it was nap time, slept with them, and rarely took my eyes off of them. Smokey really thinks I am his mother and he would try to nurse off of me – yuk!! Fortunately, my people would rescue me and give him some canned kitten milk! To this day I regularly clean their ears and faces and we all sleep together. Smokey and I are like brothers. He actually thinks he’s a dog – can you imagine that? Then again, I can’t say much because I really like playing with cat toys and sometimes I get hairballs from bathing the three cats!

I still love food that comes out of crinkly bags but my family members are health conscious and I rarely get potato chips any more. Believe me, I really appreciate the Roll-A-Rounds Natural Balance lamb crunchies they buy me. They are just the perfect size and are oh so tasty. I am not fond of dog bones and the Natural Balance lamb crunchies really hit the spot. The only problem with the Roll-A-Rounds Natural Balance lamb crunchies is that Buzz, the kitten that moved in with us later on in the fall of 2006 loves them too and wants me to share with him! Unfortunately though, Buzz is intolerant to wheat and so it is challenging to keep him from helping me to eat the lamb crunchies. I really would share if I could – I really would – just like any nuturing mommy would!

In the fall of 2008 two more adult cats came to live with us. It’s a LONG story! Anyways, we are all getting along pretty good. Fortunately, Gracie and Princess don’t like me to bath them but we do play tag and as I said, sometimes I just get down right tired from entertaining six cats! But hey, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love my life as a dog, or am I a cat – beats me!!