Privacy Policy

Written on February 14, 2009 – 9:49 pm | by maxine |

We cats are very private individuals. At our house, our toileting stations (that’s what we call them) are discreetly hidden from public view. The term, “litter box” is just so nasty. It makes us sound like we litter a place up and that is just not like us. We like clean, tidy, neat surroundings.

Any way, what we really want to say just now is that if you post a comment to our website, your email address will never appear. We only ask for it because the program we are using requires it for security reasons. Plus, we can privately respond to you if the need arises. We will NEVER give, sell, or expose your email or any private information to anyone ever! When you sign up to receive notices about our blog updates, again, no one but our family scribe will ever see your information and you won’t start getting emails from other companies as a result of being part of our extended website group of friends. We promise. We are, as we said, very private individuals.