Written on February 13, 2009 – 3:29 pm | by Buzz |

Hi! My name is Chester. I am a BIG orange tabby cat with long hair. As a scrawney little kitten that almost died, it is nothing short of a miracle that I am still alive. Everyone thought I would be tiny but, with good nutrition and loving care, I am now about 17 pounds. Who would have thought it? My birth mom died of distemper shortly after I was born. It was necessary for our entire cat colony to be moved out of a warm house and into a cold, unheated, drafty shed because there were no humans in the house to care for us. Tom loved cats and would never turn one away so there were lots of us, but he was sick himself with cancer! When Maxine rescued us, the other kittens and I were all very sick. But, praise God, all of us kittens lived.  However, my early health issues left me with some challenges. My caregivers say I am somewhat autistic, although I don’t know what that means entirely. I think it means I am a very smart cat but am trapped in a mind that does not see or respond to the world in the way most cats do. So, I just enjoy who I am and my people love me just the way I am.

I have always had respiratory and vision problems since my birth in March of 2006. So, my caregivers found for me some excellent supplements called “Holistic Blend – Health Products for Pets.” I get the Holistic Blend Vitamin and Mineral Mix pretty much every day. I even remind them if they forget! If I don’t get the Holistic Blend Vitamin and Mineral Mix for a few days, watch out, because I come down with sneezes, sniffles, wheezing and more. Hey – I wonder sometimes if I am allergic to humans? Anyways, Holistic Blend Vitamin and Mineral Mix works wonders. In fact, the entire line of Holistic Blend products is great. Their Seagreens Supplement is excellent. Sandi gets the Holistic Blend Glucosamine HCL Complex Liquid Formula and it really helps her hips to work better and to not be in pain.

Speaking of Sandi, I really should tell you – I REALLY love Sandi. She is a herd dog who pretty much prefers to not be touched by us cats. She lays just a little distance away, watching us all very closely. However, she lets me actually lay down right beside her and I am the only one allowed to do that. I even get to lie beside her on her rebounder bed!  We are the exact same colour and she grew much bigger than they ever thought she would, just like I did! Do you suppose she is my mommy?