Litter Kwitter

Written on March 24, 2009 – 2:23 am | by maxine |

Hi. Buzz here. I have ta tell ya that my favouritist toileting station (that’s what we call them around here) is the Litter Kwitter The nice people who designed this system fully intend that I, and the rest of the five felines in our family, are supposed to use the Litter Kwitter directly on the people toilet. It really is a great idea, however, for us it just didn’t work so we just had to come up with a work-around, which I’ll tell you about at the bottom of this page.

You see, Smokey and Chester had gotten quite accustomed to drinking nice cold water out of the toilet and they weren’t about to foul up their drinking water nor allow anyone else to do so! Plus, Bob, one of our people family, did not like the idea of sharing his toilet. People can be SO picky! We cats are much more careful about cleanliness than many people will ever be.

For cats who prefer to drink out of a regular bowl, it really is quite possible to train them to use the Litter Kwitter directly on a toilet.

The Litter Kwitter comes with four parts: a white, plastic toilet seat, a red coloured tray, an orange ring and a green ring. At first, you put the red tray inside the white seat. There’s a little ledge around the inside of the white seat that holds the red tray in place and you set the whole schebang on the floor by the toilet. Sprinkle a little kitty litter into the red tray area and your kitty uses it as a litter box. We always used the Multi-Cat formula of The World’s Best Kitty Litter becaues it is completely flushable and safe for sewers and septics. After a few days you raise up Litter Kwitter by putting it on a box. Gradually you move it up so that it is eventually level with the toilet. Be patient and don’t rush because we kitties are not into being rushed when it comes to learning new skills. After a few days you put the regular toilet seat in the up position (like the males of humankind do) and place the
Litter Kwitter seat directly onto the rim of the toilet bowl. There are handy little clips that hold it securely in place. After everyone is used to using it in that position, you remove the red ring and replace it with the orange ring which has a hole in it. Once everyone is used to using the orange ring you replace it with the green ring. And finally, you remove the green ring completely and your kitty uses just the Litter Kwitter white seat. By this time they have learned where to put their feet on the seat and which direction they need to be facing to make their “deposits” in the acceptable spot! Finally, you can remove the Litter Kwitter seat altogether and your kitty uses the regular toilet seat! See – simple!!

How long does it take to train a cat? Well, as long it takes!! Some of us get the hang of it quickly, and some aren’t as smart as me and it can take many weeks. Typically it takes eight weeks. In the end though, you will have a cleaner, happier, healthier cat.

Oh ya, it is easier for the humans if they have a small bathroom they can use just for the kitty training stages. However, if you have to share the same bathroom because you only have one, it can be done. Just lift the Litter Kwitter off, place it on the floor, and then, don’t forget to put it back on the toilet when you are done so that kitty isn’t always wondering where he will find it!

Benefits of the Litter Kwitter :
– no more litter to purchase once your feline(s) have learned the system
– no more tracking litter throughout your house
– no more messed up digestive systems caused from ingesting kitty litter dust off of paws! Did you know that the gravelly, clay types of litter have dust that congeals like cement in the digestive tract? Yuck! I can’t imagine how painful that would be!
– some of those highly fragranced litters, and the ones with deodorizer crystals are just full of chemical toxins. Hey, if you want the vet bills and to say early goodbyes to your kitty friends, keep using them, but I am thankful my family want me around for a LONG time!
– no more cat odours because you can even teach your kitty to flush!

Get your Litter Kwitter today!

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The Great Work-Around: Oh ya, my family always seems to have a work-around for every problem that they face so, their solution to the problem with Smokey and Chester using the toilet as their personal watering spot was to use the Litter Kwitter with a bucket. They started out with a five gallon bucket and cut it down to about 12 inches (30cm) high and they also used a plastic crate and an old toilet seat lid to create an ascetically pleasing (that means: sharp, cool looking) and sturdy commode. We don’t have a picture of the set-up but, if you are really interested, just ask us in the comments box and we can tell you how to set it up. You can ask for me, Buzz (the cute little guy in the middle of our family portrait) and I will have someone type my response!