Cat Potty

Written on March 24, 2009 – 2:23 am | by maxine |

Hi, it’s me, Gracie – the pretty black cat at the top left of our group shot. This is a rather delicate topic to discuss but I figure you really need to know about my cat potty. Well, actually, I share it but I consider it MY cat potty.

My family bought the Richell Cat Potty Litter Box with the idea of training all six of us to get away from using kitty litter – you know – that awful stuff that wiggles under your feet when you are walking on it and that sticks between your toes and tracks all over the house! The Richell Cat Potty Litter Box was designed to be used with litter, BUT, my family had other ideas.

You see that grey coloured piece that is sticking up in the picture to the left and it has a big hole in the center and little holes all around it? Well, it actually snaps down in a horizontal position. The basin is where you typically put kitty litter. Then your kitty climbs onto the platform that looks like a sieve and pees and, well, you know what else, through the large hole in the center. They never have to step foot on kitty litter ever again!! My family had other ideas that meant saving lots of money and eliminating tracking of kitty litter.

I am graceful and sophisticated – hence my name – Gracie. I gracefully climb onto the platform and daintily do both of my eliminations into the hole right into water! Yes, you read that correctly – plain water!! This is no small feat for me, since I am fourteen years old, and for all of my life except for the past nine months I was a primarily outdoor cat with house and litter box privileges. Now I have a throne fit for a queen and it is called The Richell Cat Potty Litter Box – except that for us, there is no litter – just clean H2O!!

My people put about six full glasses of water into the basin. They empty it at least once or twice a day, depending on how many of us have used it. It’s simple, just lift the platform off, empty it into the toilet, rinse with a glass of fresh water, refill the Cat Potty and it’s all ready to use again. Every couple of days someone swishes soap and water in the basin with a toilet bowl brush to give it a thorough cleaning. If it was just me using this system, or just your one cat, you would not have to emtpy it every day and probably once a week would be fine for a soapy clean-up.

We did discover when Chester, who weighs about 20 pounds used The Richell Cat Potty Litter Box he toppled it. What a mess! So, we keep it kind of wedged between the side of the toilet and the wall and he can’t topple it.

Chester has learning disabilities and so we had to train him slowly. We started with a little litter in the bottom of the basin for a couple of weeks and gradually added a bit of water, a bit more every few days and gradually decreased the amount of litter. Eventually there was no litter and all water. The very best litter to use is “The Worlds Best Kitty Litter” because it is corn based, doesn’t smell, doesn’t track, has not dust, and is healthy for the environment and completely flushable. At our house we always used the Multi Cat formula of The Worlds Best Kitty Litter. Of course, that was before, now we use only water in all of our toileting stations.

So, there you have it. The Richell Cat Potty Litter Box is:
– versatile
– can be used with litter such as “The World’s Best Kitty Litter” or other brands
– can be fitted with a disposable bag if you just have to use litter
– keeps your kitty’s feet out of the kitty litter
– is small, which is good if you have limited space, and the design keeps your kitty from doing their eliminations outside the container!
– an excellent system for kittens, especially when the regular kitty litter box size is just too big
– can be used very well with water only and no litter
– is easy to clean
– saves a bundle of money when used with water

Some kitties prefer to have two different toileting systems – one for each type of elimination. You should have at least one station for each cat in the family and even an extra one – just in case.

You can’t go wrong with The Richell Cat Potty Litter Box!

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