Written on March 24, 2009 – 2:24 am | by maxine |

Without a doubt, the FURminator is one of the best investments for your livestock (as we dogs and cats are affectionally called here). Being a dog with long hair that has a thick undercoat, let me tell you, the FURminator is WONDERFUL! Take a look at this handy little de-shedding gadget.

Isn’t it a beaut? Ya gotta wonder how people come up with these cool gadgets to make our lives and grooming easier. I have really long hair that gets matted. It takes forever for my person to brush my coat with a regular wire brush and, to be honest, even the best wire brush tends to pull the hairs and it can be a major “ouch” situation. With a Furminator, within minutes the job is done and I can get back to playing tag with the cats and with Coby. I love the way it gets gobs and gobs of undercoat out. De-shedding with a Furminator is so much fun! The hair mounds up and looks like a golden cloud – which is of course because I am a golden colour. My Andrea says she gets so much hair off me that she could make another dog and she wonders why I don’t go bald!! Getting Furminated once every week or so keeps my hair manageable and minimizes the fall-out and subsequent vacuuming.

Use the FURminator on your pet’s coat – provided of course that they have one and are not hairless!! And for sure use it on your cat – especially long haired cats. However, you would be surprised how much comes off of a short-haired cat. It keeps them from getting those nasty hairballs that you DON’T WANT to step in during the middle of the night!

Take it from me, Sandi, an avid hair grower – you will LOVE a FURMINATOR. We use the medium size because it does equally well for me, a 55 pound dog or for Pebbles and Buzz, seven pound cats and all of the other cats in our family who weigh up to twenty pounds. Even Coby likes it on his Lhasa-poo hair coat.

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