Written on February 13, 2009 – 3:23 pm | by Buzz |

Hi! I’m Pebbles, a brown tabby, short-haired, petite little miss. I was born, along with my brothers and sisters on March 13, a very cold day in 2006. Just a few days later, Tom (my human caregiver, who had cancer), ended up in the hospital. Maxine drove back and forth for many weeks caring for our mother and all the other cats in the house. Unfortunately, many of the cats got really sick. There were LOTS of cats – at least 23 or more, not counting us kittens! Some of the older cats died from distemper. We had to all be moved out to an unheated back porch because cleaning up after that many sick cats in the house was just disgusting! My three siblings, Chester (from another mother), and I all got really sick so Maxine and Andrea took us to their business warehouse to live until they could get us healthy and adopt us out. Some of the other kittens were adopted out but it took longer for Chester, and my brother Smokey to get strong enough. By that time, we were in love with each other and our caregivers, and nobody asked for us! So, we decided to stay on with Sandi and, of course, Coby, who pretty much was our mother.

When we moved from the warehouse into the house, they tried to keep us in the kitchen by blocking the two doorways with cardboard that fully covered each entrance. Well, that was just a challenge ready to be conquered! We worked as a team. Smokey would use his paw to pull the carboard away from the wall just a crack. That was all I needed to wiggle my petite little self through the opening and to the other side of the cardboard barracade. Then I would throw myself at the cardboard while Smokey would pull the cardboard ever further away from the wall. It didn’t matter WHAT they put up against the cardboard to hold it in place. Once we opened the crack enough, we helped Chester out. With teamwork and determination we could get out of any confinement. We have since found out that our human family is really into teamwork so we really fit in perfectly.

I tend to be a “one cat in the family” type of kitty so I will admit, it is not really my idea to have five other cats living with me.  I was right ticked off when Gracie and Princess came to live with in the fall of 2008. However, Andrea knows that she is my person and I sit on her lap during the day when she is working on her computer. I snuggle up with her every night and every morning. I particularly like the SAD lamp Andrea has in our room. Every morning it comes on like a dawn simulator, gradually flooding the room with light. I just love it and I get up onto the pillow to soak up all those good light rays. It is particularly good in the winter months. Since we are all indoor cats, a SAD lamp for Seasonal Affective Disorder is certainly a big help. You might want to try one. We love ours.