Pet Biographies

Written on January 28, 2009 – 9:13 pm | by maxine |

Welcome to our website. We look forward to sharing our lives and opinions with you. You need to know that ALL of us have very strong opinions on such things as foods, toys, beds, people, technology, climbing apparatus, dietary supplements, who is the real boss, and the list is almost endless. By the way, the ALL includes ALL of us cute girls and handsome boys who appear at the top of every page. Be sure to go to our biographical information in the “About Us” section. Each of us have a sad story of how we came to be living in the wonderful place we now call home. Well, actually, Coby’s story isn’t really sad, but it is interesting. Our family scribe who happens to be human is Maxine and we dictate to her what will appear on OUR site – not her site!