Written on February 13, 2009 – 1:23 am | by Buzz |

Hi! My name is Buzz, the family techno-cat. What can I say – just like with people, some are really smart and some are, well, you know! I am REALLY smart. In fact, anything with a start button on it, I figure it out and so far I have learned to start a fax machine, operate our Roomba vacuum, make things really happen on the computer screen, and get the paper shredder doing its thing. If a motor starts, I am there instantly to figure out how to do it myself and to see what is going on. I am getting to be a pretty good pianist as well, especially at night when everyone else is sleeping and I’ m bored! Nothing is too high for me to climb and no space is too small for me to get into. If I was a human child, I would be considered hyperactive for sure. It helps that I have a small, petite figure and am oh so cute! I’ll probably always look like a kitten but that’s OK, I really love the oohs and aahs and the fuss people make over me. My human mommy, Andrea, lets me ride around on her shoulders and I like to snuggle in her lap when I am finally exhausted from all of my activities. Hey, if I didn’t run the Roomba it just might never get done!

My birth mother belonged to a fellow named Tom who was in the hospital in June of 2006 when I was born and he could not take care of us. When I was about six weeks old my sister and I went to a foster home for a few weeks and then sis went to another home and my foster mom couldn’t care for me any more. So, since Tom was still in the hospital, I joined Chester, Smokey and Pebbles, (who were also born at Tom’s house in the spring of 2006) and became a member of their human family. Oh yes, my birth mother eventually went to another home. 

Being extremely smart and cute certainly came with perks! I was supposed to be adopted out, but when someone called to ask if I had found a new home, Tom happened to be visiting and was in the living room and welled up with tears when he found out I might be leaving! He had just moved into a nursing home and was missing all us kitties from his former home. He was taken by my superior intelligence and cuteness and could hardly bear to not have me here when he came to visit! So, guess what – I got to stay! All in all, I would say I am quite a happy, baby of the family, kitty.