Written on February 13, 2009 – 3:26 pm | by Buzz |

Hi! I’m Princess, a pretty tabby marked cat with medium length hair that has a lot of grey and black markings. I lived with Tom for a least some of my eight or nine years. He thinks I wandered in at some time because he couldn’t remember me being born there. After Tom died in May of 2008, Gracie and I eventually moved in with the family we now live with. You can read all about that in Gracie’s bio. We were advertised for adoption for two years (leading up to and after Tom’s passing). As our family stated in their Christmas 2008 family newsletter, they can’t figure out why no one would take us and that it must mean that God wanted us to be in their family for some reason. I have never been a cat who likes being with other cats and so this has been a challenge for me. Having been here now since September of 2008, I have grown to really love Bob and he loves me and that’s all that counts. And, that’s no small feat either. Bob says he doesn’t like cats – he tolerates them, and he would rather that no cats lived in his house. The only reason we are here, he says, is because God put us all here! Well, I personally think that the reason I am here is because Bob NEEDS me! Did you know that medical experiments have shown that when a person pets a purring kittie, the person’s blood pressure and stress levels go down? Other than when I sit, purring enthusiastically, on Bob’s lap in the office or when he is watching TV, I keep pretty much to myself. I also really enjoy having Maxine and Andrea comb my hair.

Andrea read one day on a humane society web site that they always recommend that a home have two cats for keeping each other company. I could live with just Gracie and that would be fine. The web site also said that a house can accommodate one cat for every room within the house. If you have three bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, and dining room, you can accommodate six cats. So, since I pretty much have chosen to live under the kitchen table, and there are only two dogs in the house and six cats, and there are four bedrooms, we have plenty of room! It’s all about being adaptable to the circumstances. I am certainly adaptable.  I never did like being an outdoor cat, so all in all, I am happy and feel safe, especially when I am with Bob, and I would rather live in a house with five other cats, two dogs and three humans than to live outside and to fend for myself!

My favourite part of living here is the litter free toileting systems. I really like it and would just hate to ever go back to a clay litter system. I also like the Tropical Traditions coconut oil that my family has available to us all the time in a little dish. With long hair, hair balls are a problem and the Tropical Traditions expeller pressed orangic coconut oil is super for helping with that issue as it eases the hair through the digestive track. You can get cheaper coconut oil but we figure cheaper is not always the best way to go when you are dealing with nutrition. Plus, a little of the Tropical Traditions coconut oil goes a long way and it has no additives or artificial flavouring. Coconut oil also helps keep the hair coat soft and shiny. When I first came here my hair was coarse and dull. Now it is much softer and shinier. You can order Tropical Traditions coconut oil at http://www.joycenter.on.caÂ

An older gentleman who was a friend of Tom told Maxine and Andrea that many people are lonely because they live alone and they choose to be lonely! He, the owner of two small Pomeranian dogs, said that if you but take in a couple of pets, you will be richly rewarded with love and companionship. I am sure glad my new family took me in when nobody else wanted me!